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Episode 5 News

Hello to all my favorite Episode Lover!

Thank you to all who read my story, "It is Not What You Think," that enjoyed it enough to share it! I appreciate the support of those who read every published episode available of, "It is Not What You Think."

As announced earlier I am working on Episode 5 of "It is Not What You Think" for your enjoyment. Going forward as I work to draw, complete and edit Episode 5, I will provide you with sneak peeks, updates and video clips.

Episode 5 includes our beloved Zan Blade. I hope this makes those who missed him in episode 4 happy. It makes me ecstatic. I am a fan of that Zan Blade.  The Trio says goodbye to the parents at the airport. Depending on your prior choices AJ (Aaron's father) may or may not appear in the airport scene. Everyone, please remember your past choices matter and so do your choices going forward!

It is taking me a while to complete episode 5 and it will take a while for me to complete episode 6 beca…