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Released Chapter 6: "It is Not What You Think"

I am overjoyed to announce Episode 6 of, "It is Not What You Think," is complete and released for you to view. There are plenty of original art scenes for you to view. I drew five new backgrounds and I created some overlays with fun animated effects. I planned to create an original visual storytelling experience for you to enjoy.

Unfortunately, we do not hear from Zan in episode 6. I wanted to cover the flight, Cayla's matchmaking, and the trio's arrival. Don't worry I will make sure to include Zan in episode 7. He is one of my favorite characters after all, and he is the love interest of patient zero.

On a high note, we get to see a lot of the Mystery Artist this episode. Maybe you can guess his identity. Who is under the mask?

As always choices matter, so choose wisely!

I am eager to know what you think about Episode 6 as I move on and write/draw for episode 7 of "It is Not What You Think." Let me know any ideas or suggestion you may have for episod…

Episode 6 of "It is Not What You Think" to be Released Soon

Hello, my fellow episode readers and creators. It has been a while since my last post. I am happy to announce Episode 6 of "It is Not What You Think," should be released by the end of this week!

We are waiting for a background and 3 overlays to be approved. While we wait on the approvals, I am finishing up the final jewel choice scene; I am writing the outro for episode 6; I will review it for errors.

As long as I keep a strict schedule the release of episode 6 of "It is Not What You Think," should be by the end of this week, and at the latest early next week.

I hope you enjoy it! I added plenty of original art. If you chose the first class ticket, in episode 2, you will enjoy bonus footage and an exclusive art scene.

I look forward to hearing/reading your feedback.
I wish you all the best!

As always I will keep you updated!

Enjoy watching, "It is Not What You Think," on episode interactive.

Also, the next 3 episodes will move a lot faster because we got…