Episode 7 - "It is Not What You Think"

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AJ Date Choice (Alice)

AJ Date Choice (Desi)

AJ Date Choice (Eva)

As I promised on my profile I will start on episode 7 this week. I am excited about episode 7 because there are so many places to with the story. We can explore Patient Zero's relationship with Zan. Depending on your choices we can explore the state of our favorite doctors' marriage. We also get an opportunity to see the love and the romance between Aaron and Karl. How exciting will be it to see AJ  go out on his first blind date with your choice of the bachelorette?

I have plenty of writing, drawing, and planning to complete Episode 7 of "It is Not What You Think," so that I make exciting and entertaining for you to view.

I will start the outline tomorrow; if you have any suggestion please post them today or tomorrow and I will consider your ideas and suggestion while I plan and organize the episode.

I will try to include the following characters and scenario in episode 7 of "It is Not What You Think":

"You" character
AJ + Date (of your choice)
PSYD Clemons
PSYD Porter
Patient Zero
Zan? (If there is enough time, otherwise I will definitely include him in Episode 8)
I would like for you to be introduced to Rice Ranger (One of the "You" character's twin love interest).
I would like to have the trio ("You", Karl, and Aaron) spend some quality time together.

I hope you  are as excited as I am about Episode 7 of "It is Not What You Think." 

I look forward to hearing/reading your feedback.
I wish you all the best!

As always I will keep you updated!

Enjoy watching, "It is Not What You Think," on episode interactive.

Check out the first story, "It is Not What You Think," I published on episode.

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