Episode Interactive Update: "It is Not What You Think"

Hello everyone!

What going to happen between these 2 in Episode 4?

I hope the weekend has lovely things in store for you. I want to thank all of you for reading my episode blog and reading my story, "It Is Not What You Think." I enjoy writing and drawing for this story!

I have a vision for "It is Not What You Think." I want to be a unique and enjoyable experience for you. Since the genre is a mystery I wanted to make it unpredictable and allow you to play detective a bit. There clues within the story that should allow you to take an educated guess about the mystery identity in my story.
The choices you made in Episode 3 will determine their  fate in Episode 4!

I am almost done with writing episode 4, and I don't anticipate needing any more drawings to complete it. I believe I can set the release date for early next week or sooner. I want to make episode 4 of, "It is Not What You think," perfect for you!

I read through each episode at least 5 times just to proofread it for errors. I  know that you value a story that is easy to read at a steady pace, and I strive to bring that to you every episode.

Thank you again for Your Support!

I should be publishing Episode 4 sometime next week. I will announce it here in my episode blog once it is able to view!

I got Work to do! See you on the next Episode Blog Post.

Please check out the first story, "It is Not What You Think," I published on episode.
Leave your comments and questions below:)


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