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Hello everyone,
Overlay for Episode 4

I have made plenty of progress on episode 4! Yay!!!!

I plan to finish the football footage segment for "It is Not What You Think," today. Then I will move on to Aaron and the You character. I will finish their shopping trip. The trio of Aaron, Karl, and You will be one step closer to going on their trip to NYC.

There are a few more scenes with Dr. Clemons and patient zero. I think I will make episode 4 san Zan (without Zan), in order to keep the story moving. Don't worry he will return in later episodes. If you absolutely have to have Zan in episode 4 please leave a comment and I will do my best to accommodate your requests.
The crew from episode 4

At this point, I still have overlays pending approval for episode 4. My goal is to have the written portion complete for episode 4 by the time all the overlays are approved. I hope that I can publish episode four within 2 weeks or sooner.

I'll miss you until next post!

Thank you for your support!

See you in the next episode blog post because this girl has work to do!

Please check out the first story, "It is Not What You Think," I published on episode.
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