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Intro image for, "It is Not What You Think."

So today started with a "reads 4 reads" request with a fellow author on Episode Interactive. I started reading her story. I find "reads 4 reads," are a positive exchange of story and a good method to promote my story, "It is Not What You Think."

Since I have started participating in "reads 4 reads," I discovered that my views have gone up significantly! "Reads 4 reads," are a positive way to discover new up and coming writing talent and it is also a good way to support each other.
Small Cover for my Unpublished episode story

I plan on devoting a considerable amount of time today in completing episode 4 of, "It is Not What You Think."

Large Cover for, "It is Not What You Think."

In honor of the supportive, "reads 4 reads," tradition on episode interactive, I invite new authors on episode interactive to share your story title and link on my episode blog in the comment sections!

Check out the first story, "It is Not What You Think," I published on episode.
Leave your comments and questions below:)


  1. Good morning everyone! I decided to kick things off and share my story!

    Title: It is Not What You Think
    Chapters: 3
    Author: Qetesha
    Instagram: qetesha.episode
    Description: You struggle to discover your identity because a catastrophic event caused you to lose yourself. You must understand your relationship with the mystery artist if you ever stand a chance of solving the riddle you call your life. There are a few romances. Your major love interests are polar twins (Rebel vs The Golden Boy). I included original overlays and backgrounds drawn by me!


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