"It Is Not What You Think" Outline and Art List (Spoiler Alert)

Hello Episode Viewers,

Art from Episode 7 of "It Is Not What You Think."

I have been busy creating digital art for a contest. The theme is myth and mythology. I decide to choose the story of Eros and Psyche. I think it is a thoughtful story about love, beauty, and betrayal. I hope my composition did the myth some justice. I had fun creating it. I do hope I win; whatever the outcome I feel as I accomplished what I set out to do. I created a captivating scene which captures a meaningful moment in the story of Psyche and Eros.

Rough draft for Eros and Psyche Art

Moving on, I am sure you want to read about updates to “It Is Not What You Think.” Good news!!!
Now that I finished the with art competition, I can now focus on Episode 8. I just completed the outline and Art List for Episode 8 of, “It Is Not What You Think.” I was unable to include a scene with Zan. I did promise to make up for it in episode 9 in my last post. I plan to keep that promise. Zan will be in episode 9 no matter what.

I decided to try something different in this post. I am including the outline and art list I created in this post. I plan to on the art tomorrow so I can submit it for approval. While I wait for the approval I will start writing the script.

Outline Part 1 "It Is Not What You Think"

I will keep you updated on my progress. Let me know what you think about me including the outline. I know it is kind of like a spoiler. I am not sure if I will do it again going forward unless you tell me otherwise.  I just wanted to share my thought process with you.

Outline Part 1 and art "It Is Not What You Think"

I hope you  are as excited as I am about Episode 8 of "It is Not What You Think." 

I look forward to hearing/reading your feedback.
I wish you all the best!

As always I will keep you updated!

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